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Overheard conversation at work…

May 28, 2009

Girl #1: ..So North Korea could drop a nuclear bomb on us?
Girl #2: It depends on how far they can fire them. It might not reach us.
Girl #1: Oh right. Where is North Korea?
Girl #2: Past Germany…. Imagine if they bombed the bullring.
Girl #1: Oh my god that’d be awful. Where would we shop?


Someone reminded me I’m almost 30 today.

May 27, 2009

At some point 29 years has past me by and I haven’t paid attention. All of a sudden all of my friends have bought houses, are married/nearly married, having *stifles vomit* babies, and have careers.

I’ve ended up in suburbia in a job that is essentially just one big argument with various pensioners. When I’m not trying to send the country’s elderly to an early grave I occupy my time by playing internet scrabble……….

Still, plenty of time to do something…give it another 30 years, I might even think about growing up.