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I’ve just spent 6 days incarcerated in the lovingly and thoughfully named Ward B3

June 24, 2009

The only company I’ve had has been 3 pensioners: A special clan consisting of a woman with a sore foot who professed a hatred for foreigners and foreign food (muck, as she put it), before opting for lasagne for tea (you know, lasagne, that classic British dish), a woman with far too many ailments to mention, but that she liked to remind you of every 10 minutes, and a woman convinced it’s 1989 thanks to a head injury.

AND I kept dreaming that Justin Lee Collins was trying to kill me.

It was awful. Truly awful.


Someone reminded me I’m almost 30 today.

May 27, 2009

At some point 29 years has past me by and I haven’t paid attention. All of a sudden all of my friends have bought houses, are married/nearly married, having *stifles vomit* babies, and have careers.

I’ve ended up in suburbia in a job that is essentially just one big argument with various pensioners. When I’m not trying to send the country’s elderly to an early grave I occupy my time by playing internet scrabble……….

Still, plenty of time to do something…give it another 30 years, I might even think about growing up.